A revolutionary technique that follows the logic of the neuromuscular system

to bring your body to its' best condition.


    1. Eliminate long-term problems by creating alignment
    2. Manage aches, tightness, and pain
    3. De-stress through breathwork and deep realaxation
    4. Gain major flexibility and balance
    5. Increase circulation and organ function
    6. Create greater bone density/strength
    7. Heal faster from injuries and prevent new ones
    8. Prevent losing mobility and strength as you age
    9. Become aware of your body and it's patterns at a deep level
    10. Free the body from traumatic blocks of the past

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Personalized alignment sessions. Eliminate pain. Gain Mobility

Reflexology points in the soles of the feet affect the entire body, so when you take care of your feet, you are taking care of the whole of the body.

In 5 minutes you can align, stretch, massage, and strengthen your feet using Yamuna Foot Fitness.

Alignment in your feet is crucial to full body alignment. Yamuna Footwork focuses on skeletal alignment in the feet to prevent foot and ankle problems that can lead to surgery.

You will also learn to change the weight bearing pattern in your feet while walking and standing to create a sturdy foundation for movement.

The Yamuna Foot Wakers open and reshape the foot. Then the Yamuna Foot Savers are used for detailed, advanced work and to break down scar tissue.

Naturally fix common foot conditions like:


When your feet are strong and working properly, you can wear any shoes you like! This work truly gets your feet working for you and not against you, so they can take you where you want to go.

Experience this high level of self-care for your feet and entire being. Immediate and long-lasting results without orthotics or surgery!

  • Save Your Feet!

    Experience immediate transformation by scheduling a 1-on-1, joining the monthly Foot Clinic, or attending a Yamuna Foot Fitness Teacher Training.

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